2015 Justi Award Recipients

As recipients of the 2015 Justi Award, three progressive agencies have been recognized for their innovation and excellence in the development of programs, practices, and technology initiatives that help to facilitate the effective flow of justice. Nominations for this year’s Justi Award were submitted by court, attorney, and correctional agencies in eight states and ranged from process reengineering initiatives, evidence-based practices and programs, new technology development, and access to justice improvements.

We’re pleased to announce that the three organizations voted as 2015 Justi Award recipients at our annual National User Conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 7-9, are: the Harlem, New York Parole Reentry Court, the Guernsey County, Ohio Clerk of Courts Office, and the Palm Beach County, Florida Clerk and Comptroller Office.

There will be more information on our 2015 Justi winners coming soon, but for now here's a quick overview of each program:

Strengthening Community - Harlem, New York Parole Reentry Court

Challenge: 40% recidivism by parolees within 3 years
Mission: improve outcomes for individuals returning from prison
Outcome: reduced recidivism by 60% for felony reconvictions & 45% for parole violations - overall, 22% reduction

Stretching Limitations - Guernsey County, Ohio Clerk of Courts Office 

Challenge: need to comply with Civil Rule 58 (a change that requires the clerk to record service, including all addresses, for judgment entries)
Mission: achieve compliance without added resources or costs
Outcome: 100% compliance while saving over 900 hours annually

Stimulating Engagement - Palm Beach County, Florida Clerk and Comptroller Office

Challenge: train 250+ users on ShowCase CMS in 18 days
Mission: deliver meaningful training with high user comprehension & retention
Outcome: by making it fun, accessible, & personalized, end-users quickly embraced ShowCase and helped save almost $20,000 by moving to digital training media

Evidenced-Based Decision Making and the CJCC - Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

Challenge: most jurisdictions experiencing rising crime and incarceration rates
Mission: understand whether actuarial science could be used to better-inform their pre- and post-trial decisions
Outcome: justice professionals formed a Criminal Justice Collaborating Council (CJCC) with their sights set on building success through a data-driven, evidence-based justice system all the way from arrest through final offender outcome
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