Prosecutors and Defenders

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JWorks for Attorneys

JWorks for Attorneys

Personalized dashboards, informational snapshots, case and person histories,and task/time measurements keep you on track and on top of cases, events, and persons at every step.

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Prosecutors and Defenders

Our Attorney Case Management solutions cover both prosecutorial and defender offices, with full-featured components for every division and unit – administration, investigations, victim-witness advocacy, compliance, legal research, litigation – the list goes on. More than 200 attorney offices across the country depend on a CJS system to handle their criminal, civil, or social case tracking, with special rules and features that address both adult and juvenile needs.

Both our DAMION and web-based JWorks Attorney systems are built to help you save time, stay on track, and be informed at every step; from electronic referral through final resolution of your matters and cases including:

Adult and Juvenile Criminal Matters

Civil Matters

Community Matters for Families & Children

Dynamic Caseflow Management

Integrated Document & Media Management, including Discovery

Referrals & Filings

Investigations Management

Evidence Management

Investigations tracking

Victim & Witness Matters

Asset forfeitures & Bad Checks

Restitution & Compliance

NIEM and GRA compliant justice exchanges

and much more!



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