About Us

For more than two decades CourtView Justice Solutions has successfully implemented dynamic and intelligent integrated technology solutions in justice agencies across the United States. We help courts, judges, clerks, prosecuting attorneys, public defenders, probation offices, detention operators and law enforcement agencies enhance operations, increase access to justice and improve public safety. 

As a single-source experienced provider, CourtView prides ourselves on our ability to implement comprehensive systems that meet the needs of your critical automation initiatives - from site analysis and detailed solution design, right through to continuing education and ongoing support.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients every step of the way to achieve our common goal of a long-term success of an application environment that meets the needs of the organizations and the community it serves.

Our solutions are dynamic and intelligent which allows our clients to use them in flexible ways - adapting to new business processes and operational requirements as they arise. Whether the core of a centralized environment or a component in a decentralized environment, our solutions enable each court, jurisdiction and agency to achieve the highest level of effectiveness.