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Customer Care

CourtView’s highest priority is to deliver top-quality service to clients. Over the years, CourtView has expanded and improved its customer-support services to respond better to client needs.
CJS Customer Care provides an overarching umbrella to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction no matter what phase your project is in. Customer Care provides a series of forums including annual user conferences, seminars, CourtView College training classes, and annual customer satisfaction surveys to gather customer feedback and measure ongoing customer satisfaction.

User Conference

CJS hosts our user conferences at least once a year and many separate seminars on various topics throughout the year. The user community itself is also very active, and is supported by frequent messaging and virtual discussion. These conferences and seminars are an essential means of gathering customer feedback on a variety of topics, including customer satisfaction.

CourtView College

CourtView College is an in-house learning facility that focuses on operational efficiency and related usage scenarios for our clients. Topics are submitted by the user community and classes are currently held semimonthly through WebEx online instruction. Classes are recorded and made available to all customers through our online Customer Care Portal.

Support Web Sites

Our online self-service customer support web sites includes online support ticket submission and tracking, Knowledge Base, portals for CourtView, DAMION and JWorks products, CourtView College schedule and webinar recordings, monthly tips, product improvement feedback, user Conference information, newsletters, and much, much more!

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

The annual customer satisfaction survey assesses overall satisfaction in key areas of training and implementation services, account management, product functionality and customer care. The efforts of the Project Management, Account Executive and the Customer Care teams, along with the numerous forums and survey tools they employ, combine to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction for all CJS clients.