At CourtView we are committed to our customers' satisfaction. This is why we go above and beyond when it comes to our many customer care programs.

The CourtView team offers a variety of learning and product support options. With CourtView your ongoing customer care program includes support, e-learning, an annual user conference, informative customer communications through newsletters, and the mycourtview.com client portal.

There is no need for guess-work on where to go for information and support. The mycourtview.com client portal is your gateway to all things happening at CourtView. Want to take advantage of all we have to offer?

Contact us for more information on how we can ensure you get the most out of being a CourtView customer.

Our customer-focused culture is demonstrated in many ways:

  • Targeted annual user conference
  • Frequent regional customer workshops
  • Regular training workshops
  • Dedicated customer Web site

Our vision is to have a comprehensive self-service site for you to use to:

  • Learn more about our applications and solutions
  • Submit questions to Customer Support
  • Review status of customer support issues
  • Download release notes and other product documentation
  • Share information with other users