CourtView Launches CV2Go for Attorneys Canton, Ohio - May 11 2016 Notification service informs attorneys with real-time updates to cases and court schedule

CourtView Justice Solutions (CJS), an industry leader of integrated case management solutions for courts, prosecutors, and other justice agencies, announced today the launch of CV2Go for Attorneys.

The CV2Go service automatically notifies attorneys of filings, changes to court cases, and updates to the court schedule in real-time. Subscription can be individual or on behalf of multiple attorneys or an entire firm, and alerts are automatically sent to registered attorneys’ email or mobile device based on preference.

“My CV2Go calendar subscription keeps me up-to-date and I am notified through the alerts before I receive the paper notice from the court,” says attorney Michael Xavier. “It’s definitely a great service and I would recommend CV2Go to other attorneys.”

The automatic iCal feed allows attorneys to stay on top of court events as they are scheduled, continued, reset, reassigned, or changed in any way. The court calendar can be synced with personal calendars making it easy to check for conflicts whether across cases, locations, or personal activities. The CV2Go app also provides attorneys with relevant case transactions at the court, meaning you can be notified of updates immediately.

“We are happy to deliver case and calendar information in real-time to attorneys so they can stay on top of the latest filings, events, and decisions for every client they represent,” says Jeffrey Harmon, CJS General Manager. “Our CV2Go service saves time because information is electronically delivered rather than the attorney having to chase it down.”

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