Summit County Probate Court Goes Live with CourtView and eAccess North Canton, OH - December 05 2013 Upgraded customer information portal and caseflow management solution brings public information online

CourtView Justice Solutions (CJS), an industry leader of dynamic caseflow management solutions for courts, prosecutors, and other justice agencies, has announced today that Summit County Probate Court in Akron, Ohio is now live with an upgrade to its CourtView and eAccess citizen portal implementation.

CourtView, a proven solution for automating caseflow management, in combination with the eAccess citizen portal, brings public records information online for Summit County. Using a new document imaging system, Summit County converted more than 1.7 million images to share with the public through eAccess.

"Day one we were a little anxious, but by mid-morning things were very quiet and the staff was working very well handling cases that were coming in,” said Lisa Zeno Carano, Court Administrator for Summit County Probate Court. “We had a big change with most of the clerks as they had never scanned and docketed since that task was previously only handled by two clerks prior to our upgrade. Things went extremely smooth and we are so happy."

As a special division of the Court of Common Pleas, Summit County Probate Court has more than two hundred separate duties such as issuing marriage licenses, administration of estates, guardianships, adoptions and more.

Added Zeno Carano, “We are very pleased with the upgrades to our system and the CJS staff were wonderful in preparing us for the live date. We are thankful that they were hands on and with our staff to walk everyone through the go-live week and extremely professional and amazing at keeping our nerves calm.”

“We know our customers spend valuable time and resources fulfilling requests from the public for access to Court records,” said Kevin Bade, General Manager for CJS. “We are pleased to help them be more efficient, using tools like eAccess to enable the public to easily access Summit County records online and eliminate the need to visit or call the Court.”