CV Attach-it!

Quickly attach electronic files to CourtView cases or identities

CV Attach-it!

CV Attach-it is a file management plug-in that enables users to easily associate electronic files and folders to a CourtView case or to specific records within a case. Using CV Attach-it, users can affix just about any kind of supporting information to CourtView, and then quickly retrieve the attached files to view or play from within the application.

Although not intended as a full-featured Document Management System (DMS), by associating Attachment Types to specific file directories/locations, Courts can secure and manage access to various kinds of CourtView attachments. For example:

  • Attach photographs and fingerprint cards to identities
  • Attach case research to a Prosecutor case
  • Attach officer’s notes and case plans to a Probation case

CV Attach-it is a simplified file management tool with the flexibility to let users quickly associate and share important information in any electronic format supported by the court’s user workstations or network configurations.

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