DAMION Bad Check Module

Give your Bad Check Enforcement Unit the tools they need

The process of trying to recover monetary loss for your victims can be extremely labor intensive. Using the DAMION Bad Check module, can help your staff cut down on the time needed to process cases thereby increasing productivity…and increasing your collection rate. If the Bad Check Enforcement Unit is able to recover loss while avoiding criminal charges, everyone wins!

Because the DAMION Bad Check module is tightly integrated with the DAMION Prosecutor system, General Person Lookup is accessible from the Bad Check module. This provides the Bad Check Investigation Unit with the same person information as the Prosecutor’s Office, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

What's more, from the Bad Check module, criminal complaints can automatically be requested of the Prosecutor’s Office. In a case where all attempts for collection have been made with no positive resolution, the Bad Check Unit can quickly refer the case to the Prosecutor’s Office for criminal prosecution of the offender.

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