DAMION Criminal Module

A comprehensive approach to criminal case tracking and management!

The DAMION Criminal module is a robust application that addresses all aspects of criminal case prosecution but scalable to fit your specific needs. User-definable code tables, and other customization features enable DAMION Criminal module to to fit your unique requirements and conform to your business practices.

By integrating with the General Person Lookup System (GPLS) personal information is entered once and shared among all DAMION modules including detailed tracking of personal data, address history, aliases, gang history, relatives and serious priors and strike convictions.

Using DAMION Criminal you can:

  • Maintain chronological history
  • Produce ticklers and email reminders
  • Linking of victims/witnesses
  • Track trial dates with the Speedy Trial function
  • Easily merge case data into charging documents, briefs, subpoenas, contracts, motions, victim notifications, arrest warrants, search warrants and any other type of document
  • Generate standard or customzied reports
  • Tracking of Lab tests for drugs, alcohol, DNA, ballistics, etc.
  • Manage attorney case distribution for case assignment

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