Expedite ticket intake while increasing accuracy


Our eCitation solution allows Clerks and Courts to receive, review and accept electronic citations and tickets. If accepted, citations and tickets can be automatically converted into new cases, and docketing occurs automatically, under the supervision of the eCitation module.

eCitation provides:

  • A standard GJXDM compliant Citations template
  • Any eCitations extensions required to support law enforcement agencies that wish to maintain a non-standard citation format
  • An instance of IJIS Broker, CJS’s NIEM compliant justice middleware
  • A review queue that allows the Court or Clerk to review electronically filed citations

Our eCitation solution ensures that cases are created and docketing is performed automatically, once citations are approved for acceptance by the Clerk or Court. Although it is beneficial if law enforcement agencies use the GJXDM compliant citation data template, it is not required. In that case, CJS creates eCitation extensions that act as intermediary between a non-standard eCitation format and the IJIS Broker. In turn, the Broker maps the data presented to the GJXDM format and queues it up for acceptance.

eCitation interfaces with a variety of document management systems; contact us for a complete list.

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