A 24x7 self-service option for an 'on-demand' world

Our eFiling solutions allow you to use an eFiling service provider of your choosing and upon acceptance of electronically filed documents, automate case creation and docketing in CourtView.  The CJS eFiling API is designed to work with any eFiling provider who supports ECF 3.1 or later. Current projects encompass integrations with both Tybera and CaseFileXpress, two of the largest and most comprehensive eFiling service providers in the justice industry.

Need to include electronic service in your eFiling project? No problem. Use our IJIS Broker to handle database connections, message queue capabilities, e-mail features and file transfer abilities to effectively supervise the electronic service capabilities of your front-end electronic service provider.

Want to be flexible and consider the Clerk’s review queue to run in the electronic service provider’s software or in CourtView? No problem.  CJS eFiling handles both with ease.

We help you see it all more clearly. 
With modular solutions designed to automate and optimize specific justice processes.  Implement separately or integrate with other CJS systems for a full range of justice solutions.