CV eNotices

Supporting paper-on-demand (and lowering your costs!)

CV eNotices

With CourtView’s eNotices plug-in, users can email CourtView2-generated forms/notices and other applicable correspondence to case parties as an alternative to print and mailing.  As a result, Courts can significantly reduce the paper, printer, postage and labor costs of traditional mailing methods.

What's more - CourtView2 users follow the same process as today to generate forms and notices! Simply configure the forms, case parties and attorneys as 'email-preferred'  and when the forms are generated they are either emailed or printed as appropriate. Plus - users configure the frequency with which the email service 'sends' notices and the Communication Status Queue always provides a current status of all documents generated.

Documents are automatically converted and sent as .pdf attachments to an email and users decide the email content per form including subject, body text and sender.

Start saving on paper, postage and handling today with CV eNotices!

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