Increase collections while increasing convenience

ePay lets you accept payments electronically, through the convenience of the web.  Case and cost types on which payment can be made are completely configurable and you control whether constituents can pay through eAccess or are directed to their payable cases only.  ePayment has shown to accelerate receipts and pay-outs, improving case flow, lessening foot traffic at the court and freeing up clerk staff who would otherwise be needed at the counter.

ePay is easy and quick to install, requiring all but a remote connection and a number of decisions about what should be available to be paid— fines, fees, restitution, cash bonds—and what, if any, convenience fees apply.

With ePay you will:

  • Increase receipts overall—as more people pay vs. pursuing potentially lengthy and expensive collection procedures
  • Accelerate receipts—defendants will pay out more quickly
  • Improve case flow management—cases can be closed much more quickly, as defendants can pay out anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce foot traffic in the courthouse—no more lines in front of the windows or counter. Defendants, even if they show up, can be directed to ePay using any computer in the court or other public locations like libraries
  • Re-allocate resources—assign different tasks to your staff who no longer work the window or counters.  Watch what this can do to your overall workload!

We help you see it all more clearly. 
With modular solutions designed to automate and optimize specific justice processes.  Implement separately or integrate with other CJS systems for a full range of justice solutions.