DAMION eServices

Convenient and affordable - electronic services between DAMION and your justice agencies

Built using our newest web-oriented architecture, DAMION eServices handles the exchange of information between council or with outside agencies.  Capabilties include:

  • eDiscovery
  • eDisclosure
  • eReferral
  • eJuvenile Referral

Whether publishing packets between Prosecutors and Defenders or with law enforcement, probation or other agencies, DAMION eServices eliminates paper, reduces data entry and improves accuracy.  eService exchanges can be bi-directional, so the Prosecutor can easily receive a referral from probation while delivering disposition packets back.  And with DAMION eServices, security is foremost - information is protected for viewing by specific agencies, offices and users.

We help you see it all more clearly.

With modular solutions designed to automate and optimize specific justice processes.  Implement separately or integrate with other CJS systems for a full range of justice solutions.