DAMION Prosecutor - Investigations Module

Helping Attorneys prepare cases - and prepare for trial

With the ability to quickly log and track all investigation requests, DAMION easily supports your investigations unit as they prepare for trial or manage other requests.  Our Investigations Module features interactive components that support:

  • Integration with the General Person Lookup System to eliminate duplicate data entry between the Attorney’s office and the Investigators
  • Integrated document generation
  • Securing of sensitive information
  • Assigning a weight factor to a case
  • Creation of a Criminal case from an Investigation case
  • Tracking neighborhood and geographic location of crimes
  • Time and Expense tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Investigation Service Assignment and Retrieval functions
  • Standard and ad-hoc reporting functions

We help you see it all more clearly.

With modular solutions designed to automate and optimize specific justice processes.  Implement separately or integrate with other CJS systems for a full range of justice solutions.