Managing your juries has never been easier


JuryView is a complete, comprehensive jury management system automating the selection, enpanelment, financial accounting, reporting and tracking of jurors at every stage.  Random selection and numbering are built-in, and JuryView is easily configured to accommodate your procedures for grouping jurors, defining terms and service length, managing documents and workflow and managing juror information at every stage.

Using your voter registration and bureau of motor vehicles data - or other sources as needed - JuryView creates your master lists, automatically eliminating duplicate person records as necessary.   From there, JuryView maintains all relevant resident information and lets you set the rules for exemptions, setting panels, seating jurors and other management activiites such as:

  • Efficient notice/summons generation
  • Quick attendance tracking including bar code capabilities
  • Easily track panels and groups of jurors
  • Automatically calculate, manage juror payments and cut checks or vouchers
  • Produce and track user-definable juror questionnaires and attach them to juror records
  • Report on juror characteristics by court (or all) and produce statistics and required reports

We help you see it all more clearly. 
With modular solutions designed to automate and optimize specific justice processes.  Implement separately or integrate with other CJS systems for a full range of justice solutions.