DAMION LinX Integration Module

Full integration between DAMION and all participating criminal justice agencies

The DAMION LinX integration and interoperability module supports the import and export of data between all DAMION solutions and any other systems in your criminal justice environment.

DAMION LinX can be deployed in a direct application-to-application method or used as an adapter to your existing or planned middleware environment. We have experience in both methods and we have deployed LinX as an adapter to several middleware solutions including IBM’s MQ Series, Microsoft’s BizTalk, and others.

LinX not only enables the sharing of data but also documents and images in a secure, efficient and convenient way across agencies using the LinX integration. The LinX exchange process includes four primary steps which can be configured to occur automatically or through manual intervention. The steps include:

  • Load -- adding the data set into a specificed directory for import/export
  • Interface Loading -- a summary view of the load data, date and status
  • Interface Log --  a detail view of the data set including status and summayr of the import/export
  • Interface Load Purge -- deleting the data sets that are no longer needed

The LinX integration tool connects police, prosecutor, court, probation, jail and any other justice systems -- providing a seamless flow of information between agencies.

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