DAMION Prosecutor

Effectively manage your caseload and resources!

The DAMION Prosecutor solution is a fully web-enabled collection of modules that work in conjunction with each other or stand alone to address the complete range of requirements for prosecutor offices.

  • Criminal Adult
  • Social
  • Criminal Juvenile
  • Discovery
  • Civil
  • Bad Check Restitution
  • Victim/Witness
  • LinX Integration
  • Investigations
  • eServices

DAMION Prosecutor is highly adaptable and scaleable to accomadate any size office. Configurable code tables, document templates, screen labels and more allow for a custimized application to meet your specific needs. Integrated document production and comprehensive document and media management help streamline case processing and maintenance.

User-defined business rules allow for differentiated case management (DCM) tracking such as speedy trial guidelines, automated notifications, calculated events, desktop calendar/email integration  with extended access to handheld devices or smart phones.

With the DAMION Prosecutor suite you have:

  • over 100 Standard Reports
  • the Ad Hoc Report Writing tool to create custom reports
  • eDiscovery capabilities to enable offices to immediately begin building the discovery package as soon as the case is filed
  • extensive security (role-based and team-based)

We help you see it all more clearly.

With modular solutions designed to automate and optimize specific justice processes.  Implement separately or integrate with other CJS systems for a full range of justice solutions.