CV UpdateXpress

Updating a group of cases en masse is as simple as 1-2-3!

CV UpdateXpress

The CV UpdateXpress plug-in helps save valuable time by assembling and updating a group of cases in a few simple steps! This powerful tool eliminates redundant navigation in and out of cases when adding the same dockets, manual events or ticklers to a list of cases.  Users can even add system notifications to dockets on the fly!

Tooltips display status information for each record updated. And built-in edit checks either stop or warn users from prohibited or conflicting actions. What’s more, drilling into each case right from the UpdateXpress screen to perform other maintenance is as easy as clicking a link!

Assemble and add groups of cases to CV UpdateXpress from a number of places within CourtView including  Indexes, selection screens across CourtView modules, and the Tickler Report and list screen. Or easily add specific cases to CV UpdateXpress individually by typing or using copy/paste to insert one or many comma-delimited case numbers! 

It's as simple as that!

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