Our corrections solutions result from working closely with a number of industry professionals in jail management as well as probation and parole supervision.  Built by professionals for professionals, CJS systems can meet the needs of a single facility or office or easily extend to an entire group of cooperative facilities.

From booking to release, every facet of today's corrections environment depends on efficient operations, and the need for comprehensive jail and inmate management software has never been greater.  Our solutions are expressly designed to increase your efficiency while reducing errors and redundancy, and cutting your costs along the way.

JailView manages all inmate records and supports the functions of corrections and sheriff departments with:

  • Booking management
  • Regional identifiers
  • Mugshots / fingerprints
  • Charges / holders
  • Cell assigments and 'keep separates'
  • Point-based classifications - using Northpointe's classification tools
  • Incident tracking
  • Visit scheduler
  • Inmate accounts, billing and 'pay-for-stay'
  • Document generation
  • Over 100 standard and ad hoc reports
  • Interface with law enforcement, prosecutor, courts and other agencies