Justice and Public Safety Administrators

The IJIS Broker – Information Sharing Designed Specifically for the Justice Community

Utilizing SOA and GJXDM/NIEM, the IJIS Broker is a cost effective, standards-based platform for local, state and federal justice information sharing.  Facilitating delivery of complete, accurate and timely information amongst justice practitioners, the IJIS Broker even maximizes your existing technology investment with its ability to consume and transform just about any data in any format.

The IJIS Broker uses open standards and the following key integration principles:

  • Integration is driven by the agencies' business processes.
  • Information is captured once - at the point of origin - and reused throughout.
  • Participating agencies' existing information systems are not disrupted.
  • Information privacy and security are ensured every step of the way.

The IJIS Broker architecture is not dependent on one specific technology or platform! No matter what applications are used by your justice agencies, every organization and office can successfully integrate their systems to achieve information exchange and automate their business processes - today!

Check out our many integrated solutions, including:

  • eCitations
  • eBookings
  • eWarrants
  • General ledgers
  • Courthouse calendar displays
  • Court data warehouses
  • Criminal history repositories
  • Protection order clearinghouses
  • Collections
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)